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Here is some good reading since so many of our Friends are frozen in today.

The history and future of motorsport is and will be strewn with examples of stillborn racing machines. Whether it’s just poor, unforeseeable timing—which seems to be the case most often—exorbitant costs of the sort that spiral, or a simple case of building a dud. Some would have been competitive, some probably the opposite. Here are three of a specific genre though: Italian-built in the 1980s.

Alfa Romeo 164 ProCar
When you hear “ProCar,” a BMW M1 will probably come to mind, if anything. The M1 ProCars raced in a short-lived, two-season series that was designed with the dual purpose of giving the not-yet-homologated Bimmers a means to compete prior to their inception into Group 4, while also providing another source of entertainment during Formula 1 weekends (the races initially took place in the days leading up to the Sunday event, and featured a mixture of F1’s top contenders and anyone who could foot the bill/qualify to keep up).
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