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Driver Crashes Car, Tells Police To Arrest Her Dog

A woman who crashed her car into an apartment building tried to shift the blame onto her pet dog, telling police she wanted the animal arrested.

Christina Anne Marie Lamoreaux got out of her car when she hit the complex in Florida and fled the scene, heading back to her home.

Unfortunately for the 33-year-old, she was seen by witnesses who told the police what they had seen.

Officers who arrived at her apartment admitted to driving into the building but insisted her dog was to blame.

Lamoreaux then told them that the dog should be arrested instead of her, adding that she only drove away because she was always going to pay for the damage.

Police didn’t buy her story and arrested Lamoreaux, who apparently smelled of alcohol and appeared “confused”.

She refused to take a sobriety test, and was duly arrested, according to Daily Commercial.

Lamoreaux was charged with DUI and resisting arrest.

It is not clear what her pet dog was supposed to have done to have caused the crash.

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Driving drunk (if she was) with her pet is wrong on multiple levels!
Believing our animals should take responsibility and punishment for our poor behaviors is even more reprehensible!
Also putting blemishes on a surname in my daughter's ancestral family lineage is bad form as well!
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