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This Williams Formula 1 Car Can be Yours for Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG L Money - Photo Gallery - autoevolution

In the United Kingdom, the three-pointed star will sell you a 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG L for £119,845. For the same stack of pounds sterling, Bonhams will gladly offer you this magnificent Williams-Renault FW13B Formula 1 racecar. Mind you, the auction estimate may prove to be understated if go-faster car collectors will gather on June 26 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Sale.

In other currencies, the £120,000 estimate on this piece of Formula 1 history translates to €169,955 and $184,105. A part of the Williams Grand Prix Reserve Collection, this car is chassis FW13B-07. What that means is that it managed to claim 3rd place at the 1990 US Grand Prix and was the racing weapon of Thierry Boutsen and Riccardo Patrese.

Throughout their Formula 1 careers, Boutsen prides itself with 3 wins and 15 podiums while Patrese claims 6 wins and 37 podium finishes. From the racing machine’s point of view, the Williams FW13 series participated in 20 Grand Prix events, won 3 races and claimed 1 pole and 4 fastest laps. Curious about the oily bits of this blast from the past?

Compared to the FW12’s Judd V8 engine, the FW13 got a 67-degree V10 engine, a 3.5-liter Renault tower-of-power. The B in FW13B comes from B-specification and roughly translates to a more powerful engine than the one in the FW13, better aerodynamics and uprated rear suspension. Raced four times in the 1990 season, chassis FW13B-07 features an attractive design thanks to the lowline nose, flattened oval engine airbox intake and small sidepods.

Other highlight features include a Williams/Hewland six-speed manual transmission (yes, stick shift), a double wishbone-type suspension system with pushrods at the front. If you want this moulded carbon/Kevlar composite racer, please note that this lot is subjected to VAT at 5% (6,000 pounds).
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