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We all know how much our General hates Zuffenhausen but why would you kill a 911 like that. For crying out loud the Car even had the original Scottish Tweet Interior. :crying::crying: They should have used a Vauxhaull Ampera.

Our editorial policy is not to use strong language. autoevolution is about loving cars, not cursing at people. But I think all our fans will be on the same page as us when we ask Rag & Bone the following question: what the hell is wrong with you people?

The following commercial released by the fashion brand shows how a beautiful Porsche 911 SC gets destroyed for absolutely no reason. After a huge concrete block smashes through the iconic rear-engine coupe, a young model starts to strut her stuff on top of it. Seriously, why did they do that?

Is the Rag & Bone fashion label trying to convey the idea that we should ignore classic standards of design and beauty? Do they want to empower women by destroying our phallic monuments? We think it's stupid either way.

The clip showcases Rag and Bone's Fall/Winter collection and stars the brand's latest face, British actress Gabriella Wilde. The 26-year old is like a blonde version of Kiera Knightley who gets to sit on top of the broken Porsche, but she's neither enjoying nor hating the experience.

The marketing campaign is described as "revolving around bringing aspects of New York into a studio setting." We guess that the Big Apple could see a giant icicle or a wrecking ball falling onto an icon of the 70s.

Designer Marcus Wainwright added: "The campaign concept speaks of the contradictions New York is rife with and exactly what makes it such a cool city. The unexpected is something we also relate to as a brand and try to inject into all we do, from our collections to imagery."

Hopefully, somebody can figure out how to give the fashion label a couple of thousand bad reviews on Yelp, just like people did with the dentist who killed Cecil, the lion.
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