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Slow and Classy now that is my kinda Mercedes. Back in the days I had 2 of them 1 in the front yard that I decorated for the Holidays and one in the garage to go cruizn and to take to carshows. Boy I miss that car.

The artful curves of a Ponton’s rear end standing out from the normal euro-boxes in a Zagreb parking lot is enough to turn a Benz enthusiast’s head, but this one had the bonnet up and I couldn’t help wandering over to get a closer look.

“Ah, damn,” Damir Jelusic replied, shaking his head when I told him what I do for a job. He shouldn’t have been embarrassed about fiddling with a disconnected gear linkage though, because this lovely 1960 Mercedes-Benz 180D isn’t a concours car and it’s all the better for it. This particular example

has lived a long life serving the same family for 58 loyal years. Passed down

from father to son, it’s every bit an heirloom.
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