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Art for art’s sake, isn’t that what they say? For this Austrian artist, it meant a parking ticket he got for a bended truck that looks like it drove off the building’s façade and onto the street. We could try to trick you and avoid mentioning that the fine itself was a prank the city’s officials pulled off, but we won’t do that.

Just so you know, “Art for art’s sake” is not an English slogan; in fact, it’s a rendering of the French “l’art pour l’art”. And it means that the intrinsic value of art and the only “true” art, shouldn’t have anything to do with didactic, moral, or utilitarian function.

That is why hanging an old-school Mercedes truck off a building should not be considered disobedience towards driving laws, especially if the sculpture itself was, in fact, commissioned by the city's officials.

The bent red Mercedes-Benz MB100D is the work of Austrian artist Erwin Wurm, who apparently is famous for his distorted-vehicle pieces. The truck's cab and front wheels are on the street while its bed curves are upward so that the back wheels rest on the side of the adjacent building.

As we said, he was commissioned to create it as part of the city’s 300th birthday celebrations. So after the job was done, one of the clerk’s office employees figured they might as well come with their fair share of appreciation by pulling off the trick.

The ticket clearly adds to the art piece, and we can’t but appreciate the fact that some cities out there still find their way to keep humor alive.
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