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Some good reading from the Petro Heads.:wink:

From the time he first saw it’s lengthy elegance as a kid, to decades later fully appreciating what lies beneath that long bonnet, this is the story of my father’s hunt for just the right Jaguar. Their beauty is undeniable, but it was the quirks and remnants of a handmade heritage that had him settling on an early example of the famous E-Type.

Will Mederski: So did you set out in search of any old sports car, or did something drive you towards the Jaguar E-Type?

Mark Mederski: In 1962 when I was about 13 years old, my dad took my brother and me to the Cleveland Auto Show. There are only two images that have stuck with me from that experience; we saw then-popular TV comedian Sid Caesar outside the show, and we were all stunned by the several Jaguar XKEs, as they were then referred to, on display inside the show.

This Is The Story Of My Father's Hunt For Just The Right E-Type Jaguar - Petrolicious
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