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The Goodwood Revival can always be relied upon to serve up an eclectic mix of classic motor vehicles, often with fascinating histories and interesting owners. While most tend to be of the low-slung sporting variety there are also plenty of more steady but no less fascinating machines on display, like this 1940s Renault AHS3 truck. Discovered last year in a scrapyard in France, it was identified as one of the many similar vehicles that Motul had used to deliver motor oil to garages and Motul-partnered racing cars to racing circuits around France.

The truck was in a rather sorry state when it was found but still wore its Motul branding and the name ‘the Vagabond’ above the driver’s cab. Every aspect of the truck was in dire need of attention from the seized engine and rusting bodywork to the long-perished rubber hoses and hydraulic components. Motul decided to purchase the vehicle and employed Loïc, Antoine and Fred to restore it.

The task involved many hours of skilled labor and the chassis metalwork alone took three months to complete. “As well as the meticulous cleaning, scouring and brushing work, we worked to bring back the steel the way it was manufactured at the time,” explained Fred. ‘This involved a huge amount of brushing by hand without damaging the quality of the steel. This was then hand-treated with an epoxy product to inhibit any further spread of rust. It’s the sort of work that needs to be done with love.”

The engine was also rebuilt and received new valve seats to cope with modern fuels. It was also bored out to help liberate a few more horses. To retain its historic feel, the old Renault truck’s patina and branding have been left untouched.

Motul is the official lubricant partner of the Goodwood Revival and to celebrate the Vagabond’s new lease on life, it will be making its way down from Motul’s base in Paris to Goodwood to add to the historic ambiance of the event. Hugh Dowding, vice-president of Motul said, “Driving the Vagabond may not be the fastest way to get to the Goodwood Revival, but it is certainly going to be the most rewarding way in which to introduce this magical little truck to the discerning Revival crowd.”

Tickets are fast selling out for the event, which will be taking place between 13 and 15 September.
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