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I bet ya Snowbirds did it.:grin::grin:

KOB4 notes that the theft could be some form of retaliation against the police, for putting the speed trailer there in the first place. Even if that wasn’t the case, the theft did not affect the device: it continues to monitor traffic, show the speed of passing vehicles and collects data.

The only thing that’s changed is that it is no longer mobile. It’s been placed on iron pegs and, according to the same media outlet, it will soon go in for repairs.

The speed trailer was placed in the median and Universe and Irving in northwest Albuquerque, in an area where speeding incidents are quite frequent. In addition to showing drivers their traveling speed and the posted speed limit, the device also collects data on the most likely times of day when speeding incidents occur. Its goal was to help APD know when to send human enforcement to the area.

“APD said the trailer will be repaired, and while it’s being worked on, they will increase traffic enforcement in the area,” KOB4 reports.

Several people living in the area tell the same media outlet that, despite the posted speed limit of 35 mph, many drivers zoom by at 50 mph or more.

According to Safe Routes Info, a speed trailer is an effective but not a permanent solution to getting drivers to slow down. Of the variants available for this device, the most effective are those fitted with lights that replicate the flash of a camera or the lights on a police car, which are turned on when a car is traveling above the posted speed limit.
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