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Best Mercedes ever built IMHO. Sure there are some great Mercedes in 2018 but nothing beats the Analog Days....:grin::grin:

October saw the changing of the guard for the S-Class Coupé 280 SE and 280 SE 3.5 (model series W 111): the C 107 strode onto the automotive stage to great public acclaim. The coupé featured a host of innovations that were in the following year to establish the newly launched S-Class (W 116) in the automotive luxury league. Safety was an especially important factor in the development of the new C 107 model series. Yet customers had to be patient for a while, as the new luxury-class coupé did not go into series production until spring 1972. In September 1977, Mercedes-Benz unveiled the 450 SLC 5.0, a new top model of the 107 series, at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The stand-out innovation was the five-litre light-alloy engine, which now boasted an output of 240 hp. The new aluminium block also made the engine 40 kg lighter. But that was not enough for the developers, who set out to save even more weight by using aluminium also for the bonnet, boot lid and both bumpers on the top-of-the-range model. Together with the standard light-alloy wheels, this made for an additional weight saving of over 80 kg.

The five-litre coupé certainly lived up to its role as an automotive speciality and exclusive special model in terms of its performance potential and purchase price. That was probably also in the mind of the first and only owner, who took delivery of his 450 SLC 5.0 with production number 935 (out of just 2769 vehicles produced)

and for the OMG Moment here is a SLC Crayford

here is some info on the crayford
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