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Depreciation is a drag. Although we all know that depreciation is the loss or reduction in value of a particular asset – like cars, for example – there are vehicles that lose their value faster than other cars in the market. This could prove tricky if you’re buying a new car.

Of course, you should look for a vehicle that will hold its value well over a course of three to five years. In order to help you out, we compiled a short list of the top 8 cars with the highest depreciation. This will give you an idea on how certain car models hold their value after driving off the dealership lot.

But this list is also useful for used car buyers. Have you always wanted a premium luxury car but didn’t have the chops to make it a reality? Some of the cars in this list with the highest depreciation is proof that can you can still get your dream car by only paying less than half the original price!

Without much further ado, here are the vehicles with the highest depreciation according to iSeeCars’ research.
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