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Summer's here! Get in that shiny convertible and cruise while the top's kicked back. If you want to go topless, yet don't want to start a tornado in you cabin, we have the perfect solution!

Our WindRestrictors® literally block out a huge percentage of airflow that's invading your ride. You can hear more clearly and your hair won't tangle.

Our unique options will let you have a modification that shows your individual style. Anything you're inspired by can be recreated to your specifications. Further customization is available with one of 8 colored lights. Not to mention, one of our accessories. Turn your car into a light show or use it as a third brake light. How many other modifications offer so much?

Your new toy won't yellow, scratch easy, or loosen when the first big gust hits your blocker/deflector. Straps and inferior bracketing systems don't insure the quality and safety that our fastening setup has to offer. The materials used aren't as sturdy or long-lasting.

Everything that's said is backed up by a lifetime warranty. Be certain that we put our money where our mouth is. Speaking of money save now using the code, "Forum Member". You'll get 5% off just for being a member of one of the forums we partner with. You have nothing to lose but excessive airflow!

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