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Large spool in Texas barrels down interstate once again

Texas drivers traveling down Interstate 610 on Friday had to share the road with an unlikely item – a large spool.

The sizeable object had been on board a truck before it spilled on to the road, officials told Fox 13 News. No one was hurt after it fell off, the outlet said.

The scene as the spool rolled down the freeway was caught on video and nearby vehicles could be seen navigating around it. One individual is heard on the recording urging someone to call 911.

“Holy cow, what is that thing?” a person said.

This isn’t the first time drivers in the state have had to contend with such an unusual item. In October, a giant industrial spool was also spotted barreling down Interstate 10.

Previous spool escape


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Easily solved, just reel it in.

Us Europeans find better things to spill onto our roads.

"A ton of chocolate" has brought a local road to a standstill in Germany, according to local authorities.
The road was closed in the western town of Westönnen late on Monday after a tank of chocolate in a factory spilled and poured into the street.
The chocolate quickly solidified. About 10 sq m (108 sq ft) was cleared by 25 firefighters using shovels, hot water and blowtorches.
Employees of the DreiMeister factory also helped with the sugary emergency.
"Despite this heartbreaking incident, it is unlikely that a chocolate-free Christmas is imminent," the fire department said.
DreMeister assured local media that its factory would return to normal operations on Wednesday.

All those years I drove down country lanes and thought the worst!
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