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We're proud to be a good looking modification used to show off your fine convertible. However, there's a method to our coolness. All of our models are designed with top engineers to ensure the safety and quality of our product. Some wind blockers/deflectors are pieced together just to cover the open spots on your convertible to somewhat redirect the wind.

What our model does that's different is helps prevent the back draft from entering your vehicle. The design, material, and bracketing system all play a part in this. While some models may do a decent job of blocking a good portion of the wind...Are they safe?

Your safety is paramount to us. Do not trust inferior attachment methods that can loosen at high speeds. Not to mention the material cracking or breaking at high speeds. These are all real concerns when purchasing a blocker/deflector.

For the price we offer our product, you'd be hard pressed to find another car modification that does all this and makes sure you're safe doing it. Then backs it up with a lifetime warranty. For being a forum member we're willing to give you an additional 5% off by using the code, "Forum Member". Thanks for being a member here!

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