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This would make for some great TV on the Speed Channel our Jeff and his Baby against the Mustang. The winner gets a sack of White Castle Sliders. Well Jeff what ya say??:surprise::grin::smile:

Who holds the record for top speed in a vintage Ford Mustang? If you guessed Carroll Shelby, you’d be close. The racing legend once hit 170 miles per hour in the 1967 GT500 Super Snake. Or you might think it was Mario Andretti, who stuffed a racing engine inside a Mustang and cracked 174 on the Bonneville Flats. But both answers are wrong. The fastest vintage ‘Stang is Zombie 222, the product of Blood Shed Motors out of Austin, Texas.

Zombie 222 is also the quickest electric car in the world — Tesla Model S P100D included — and most likely the quickest street car of any kind after going zero to 60 in 1.79 seconds. With a stripped-down, ultra-aggressive look, it’s without question among the meanest cars on the planet, too.

To find out more about the Zombie, Autos Cheat Sheet spoke with Mitch Medford, founder of Blood Shed Motors, about how this monster came to be and what is was like toppling racing icons like Shelby and Andretti. Here is the first of two articles stemming from that conversation.

The Quickest Mustang on Earth is 48 Years Old and Doesn?t Use Gas
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