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Gerry Moore, the captain, calls his hybrid creation the Boat Car. The Boat Car is already a famous landmark and has quite a following on social media, and Moore tells ABC affiliate WEARTV that his goal is to put a smile on people’s faces. Mission accomplished: the Boat Car is unlikely to zoom down the street unnoticed.

Initially, the vehicle was a Ford Expedition on which Moore worked for just 3 days, fusing it with the family boat to create the now-famous Boat Car. His wife and first mate Karen jokes that he went inside the barn and emerged 3 days later, driving it.

Since then, they have been driving it around the state, spreading good vibes and smiles, with Karen officially in charge of “all the waving.” Because make no mistake about it: the Boat Car attracts a lot of attention, whether it’s from people waving, pointing or smiling, or from people asking for pictures and rides.

Moore made sure that the vehicle remains street-legal so, yes, if you ask nicely, he will drive you to the beach in his unique boat which is actually a car. “As long as you have headlights, tail lights, turn signals and horns, you're good,” he tells the media outlet.

One thing the Boat Car doesn’t have is a roof: it’s a permanent convertible so, if it rains, you have to be ready for a soaking. Worry not, though, because Moore will have you covered on that account, as well: a scuba mask and a snorkel should do, and he will hand them over to you with a wide grin.

Both Gerry and Karen have beaten cancer 3 times between them and their philosophy is that you have to “enjoy life.” They do that every day, with help from the Boat Car, which Gerry created after being told by one doctor that he only had a short while to live.
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