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The thing with parking spaces is rather simple: it either fits, or it doesn't. If the latter applies to your case, then there's no point in wasting any time attempting to park your car there. It's like trying to squeeze a square through a similarly sized circle: not going to happen.

If the parking spot is larger than your car, then you're still not in the clear: you have to take into account the space needed to open the door. There are a few variables here such as your weight, the size of your doors (two-door cars tend to need more room, for example), the way they open (scissor- or falcon-doors work best, as do sliding ones) or how dirty your car is (if it's really clean, you might be more inclined to rub against it).

You shouldn't really begin the parking maneuvers until you've gone through the checklist above and came up with an affirmative answer. Generally, this should take no more than a second or so, but there are more challenging cases where a closer analysis may be required. After all this is done, that's where your actual driving skills come into play.

Depending on how good you are at it, parking a car can be an experience that ranges from providing pleasure, a challenge, a mild discomfort and all the way to sheer panic. Yup, they didn't come up with automatic parking systems for nothing.

The driver you are about to see makes himself guilty of more than just one crime. First of all, he didn't evaluate that parking spot appropriately. Yes, it fit his car, but it didn't leave him enough room to exit the vehicle. If he had reversed in like the attempted at first and stuck the Clio really close to the Peugeot 3008 (clearly, this is happening in France - where else could you find a 3008?), he might have stood a chance. Plus, the two cars would have had their two right sides blocked, so no inconvenience there.

But just because he wouldn't let the fact he couldn't get out of the car stand in the way of him parking there. We've seen cases with convertible owners parking in very tight places and then just climbing out of the car. At one point, you get the feeling he's going to do something similar by driving front-first and exiting through the rear hatch. Nope, but that doesn't mean he's not going to do something equally ridiculous. Just watch.


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This is the sort of person who finds Mabel in a car park and then parks next to her. :crying:

I just had to spend £60 getting a "ding" removed from the drivers side door. :frown:

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It's cheaper than the new MB and BMW systems.

The Myk fix is easier.

Secure car park

Roof down

Scarper over the boot


(No doors were damaged during the making of this diy post)

(Anyone know how to get scratches and dents out of my boot? Clay bar?)
[How much to fix a roof?]
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