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Not specific to any particular SLK, yesterday when I was by Mercedes Benz of San Francisco I picked up their official SLK Bumper Guard Load Protector. As expected from any Mercedes Benz branded product, the quality and materials is also first class on this handy little protection accessory.

There are a few ways to attach the accessory in place. The leading edge of the item has a full length piece of velcro sewn to it. I simply took this edge and affixed it to the carpet in the boot. I then replaced my cargo tray over the leading edge and it is held in place plenty sturdy. However, it also comes with straps and Caribiner style clips meant to attach to receiver hooks in the boot which the R171 does not have although it would be easy enough to rig something up.

Picture #1 - Showing the guard totally stowed in it's "accordion" style folded position.

Picture #2 - Showing how the bumper guard is un-folding as you put it in place prior to loading your boot.

Picture #3 - Showing the bumper guard fully open to protect your painted surfaces as you load.

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