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All the electronics will not help to get stupid drivers of the road they just tune out.:nerd:

Mercedes-Benz will expand the new Driving Assistance package of its future E-Class, set to be launched on the market in spring, with “Active Lane Change Assist”.

According to Mercedes-Benz, nearly 15 percent of all accidents on German roads happen between two vehicles travelling in the same direction and almost 20 percent of them are a result of lane changing. For taking off some of the pressure on the driver in typical lane-changing situations, Mercedes-Benz adds Active Lane Change Assist as part of the Driving Assistance package. The radar- and camera-based assistance system will be introduced on the new E-Class, set to be launched in Germany in spring 2016.

When the driver activates the turn indicator for more than two seconds to change lanes, Active Lane Change Assist steers the new E-Class into the adjacent lane. The vehicle will only change lanes autonomously if the sensors do not detect any other car in the relevant safety zone. It is inconsequential whether the car wants to change to the left lane for overtaking or wants to return to the right-hand lane. A long-range radar system and the stereo camera monitor the area in front of the vehicle, while multi-mode radar sensors permanently check the area to the rear and sides. For Germany, the Federal Motor Vehicle and Transport Authority has already issued provisional approval for Active Lane Change Assist, while the application procedure for EU-wide approval has been started.

The assistance system will react only if several conditions are met simultaneously: operation of the turn indicator for longer than two seconds; the unoccupied zone detection system allows a lane change within three seconds; Steering Pilot is activated; vehicle travelling on multi-lane, motorway-like roads, detected via the navigation system; separate adjacent lane, detected via stereo camera; the speed is between 80 and 180 km/h.
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