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Decided to have a 2 hour drive, instead of the 15 mins routine one, to work.

Enjoyed a play with yet another bike.
Eventually, we had to stop.
High police presence, very high.

Cleared off down the old Cheshire lanes and got caught behind a 4x4.
Every time I lined a take he'd floor it eating up the safety margins.
Then he'd wobble in the corner. I thought wiser of forcing a take.
One nudge from that thing and I'm in a field at best.

So, I took the long way, down some narrow lanes.
Got lucky with zero traffic and came out ahead.

Went into cruise mode (waiting for him to catch up).
When he did, I let him close in and adjust for the take so I could return the favour.

Last I saw he'd clipped the edge, raising a cloud of dust, but fine otherwise.

Sprinted off down some more back roads only to get stuck behind a huge Saab thing that insisted on the middle of the single track road.
Left him some space.
Waited for him to go around a bend (which has excellent forward vision, no turns, houses etc)
and floored it out.

Road hogs are just pittas waiting on Darwins call.
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