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Rumor has it that Woolly will be in the Crowed.:):):rb:rb

Goodwood has an Auction 2 and 24 Lotus will go under the Hammer.:(

The Theme this Year is 60 Years of Lotus....

some of the Lotus Cars that will be on the Auction Block are from George Daniels private Collection and the flying Dutch Man Olav Glasius the Man that we all remember as the Father of Paint. :mad::mad: Yes that man when we spend Hours 2 wax that shinny Paint in the old Days.......:(

Here are 97 Pics 4 them Lotus Fans:):)

Bonhams-Auktion in Goodwood: Der Lotus-Hammer von Goodwood (Bildergalerie, Bild 4) - MOTOR KLASSIK
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