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Editor’s Note: Due to the personal privacy concerns of the family, we’ve withheld certain names, dates, and locations.

A series of unfortunate events led to a sight we only very rarely see in the car world – a dozen Ferraris parked out in a field and forgotten, as though they were little more than a rag tag collection of ’96 Dodge Neons.

The reason the cars all ended up abandoned in the weeds is equal parts tragic and infuriating. They belonged to a well-to-do attorney who started out collecting Corvettes before he took an active interest in European exotics – buying a couple of Porsches, a Lotus, and a Lamborghini.

Once he started collecting Ferraris he never looked back. He eventually acquired 13 examples of Maranello’s finest including a Testarossa, a 308 Quattrovalvole, a 400i, at least two 328s, at least three 348s, and a small number of Mondials.
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