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Forty-six years after screaming down a Grand Prix track, one of Ferrari’s most iconic early 1970s Formula One cars — the 312B — was brought back to life for a spin around the Monte Carlo circuit at the emotional and financial behest of its owner, Le Mans-winning racer and pasta company scion Paolo Barilla.

But while this is far from the first or last restoration of a legendary racing machine, it is one that, fortunately for car fanatics, was captured in loving detail and in living color by filmmaker Andrea Marini.

The film Ferrari 312B: Where the Revolution Begins, which has screened in select theaters in Europe and the United States (its producers are currently looking for additional distribution outlets), is not just a tribute to one of the most beautiful and cutting-edge racers —piloted by the likes of Jacky Ickx and Clay Regazzoni — but also a salute to Ferrari engineering wizard Mauro Forghieri. The latter, along with a small group of Italian mechanics, restored the Ferrari 312B in time for Barilla to make the Monaco Historic Grand Prix grid.

Without giving anything way, it’s safe to say the film is packed with both built-in drama and plenty of visual and aural flat-12 pyrotechnics. And the 312B looks fast even when parked in a dark garage—a wide-mouthed shark just waiting to charge its prey. Robb Report recently caught up with director Marini in Milan for a conversation about his recent labor of love.

Q&A: The Director of Ferrari 312B Film Discusses Road to Production ? Robb Report
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