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These beautiful vintage Benzes casually exude understated, old-money poise and are everyday usable classics.

Mercedes-Benz is perhaps best known for the stolid, bank-president demeanour of its S-Class executive sedan. But the brand has also built a stately, range-topping coupe and convertible since its earliest days. Rock-solid, comfortable, commodious, and packed with the latest engineering technologies and luxury options, these big two-door cars offered a sportier and more elegant alternative to the big four-doors.

With its perfect proportions and clean, rounded lines, this car — initially introduced in 1961 and known by the Mercedes designation W11 — casually exudes understated, old-world, old-money poise.

According to Mike Kunz, the director of the Mercedes-Benz Classic Center — a Southern California subsidiary of MBUSA that supports, restores, and sells the brand’s most notable vintage vehicles — these cars possess “an understated, regal elegance.”

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