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There’s one thing unique about classic-car auctions, it brings back memories. With this particular breed, we’re traveling to the country of wine, to meet Claude Francois, an iconic pop star who was frequently named The Beatles of France. He may not have been the biggest car person out there, but he survived an attempted assassination in this classic Merc, which makes it quite different.

Claude Antoine Marie Francois on his full name was best known as Cloclo. The Egyptian-born French pop singer, songwriter and dancer sold some 70 million records during his career (and after his death). Even though he tragically died by an accidental electrocution right when he was about to embark for the U.S., there is one thing that connects his creation with the English pop culture.

Believe it or not, Francois wrote and composed “Comme d' habitude,” which is the original version of “My Way,” the legendary song made famous by Frank Sinatra. So now we know who owned this vehicle back in the day, but let us learn more of the car itself.

As said, we are looking at a 1977 Mercedes-Benz 450 SEL powered by a classic 6.9-liter engine, not that of a big deal, some of you petrolheads may say.

What if we told you that in 1977, Claude was attacked by hooligans who tried to shoot him while he was transporting some plants in his custom-painted navy blue Merc? The resulting bullet holes in the car body and rear windscreen are visible in the photo that comes with this post.

Now here’s the best part. On September 5th, it goes under the hammer during the exclusive Chantilly Sale, hosted by Bonhams. In other words, here’s your chance to own a pop culture memorabilia in its best shape.
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