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Looks like all 2015 standard Mini now has 3 Cylinders and optional 4 Doors. Don,t they have enough Station Wagons in there Line up?? :surprise:
and a new higher Price. Wow BMW knows how to screw People. 1 Pistons missing and more $$$$$:|

Wait a second, I got it! The four-door version of the 2015 Mini Cooper is something for people who have children, but want to pretend they don't. Poor kids.
The fattened Cooper will debut at the Geneva Motor Show in March, but a few pictures of it were leaked on a Dutch Mini forum, which seem to got snapped around the VDL Nedcar factory. As you can see, since it's based on the platform of the BMW 1 Series, the four-door Cooper will be roughly the same size as the 3-door BMW 2 Series Active Tourer. Which we have about as much love for...

The extended wheelbase means more legroom in this five-seater than what the larger Countryman has to offer, but the rest is pretty much standard 2015 Cooper stuff. The base model will have a 1.5 three-cylinder turbo engine, and while some of you might like cars of this kind, the four-door Cooper most likely won't make it to the States, since it's fate depends on the 1-Series.

Than again, I might be wrong. Keep your fingers crossed, and it might just appear there next spring.

Well, what could I say? It looks like the British have won. Sort of.
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