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Holly bloody Holmer the 1st Driving Lesson of my Irish Car Bombs Teen....

Now keep in mind she can beat any F1 Driver on the Wee talk on her Iphone search the Net eat a Cheeseburger and text her Sister how bad that Color looks in her Sisters Hair....... Yup thats my Irish Car Bombs Girl.......and i have 2 teach them how to drive a Stick Shift......:(:(

Remember them 3 Pedals in the Foot Well...... Well when i was at that Age my Granny told me Dumb Ass push the Volkswagen the Disco Wave is coming...... There is Cool and the Gang and them funky dressed Americans doing the YMCA..........

If i remember correctly i was so scared of the Ymca Gang i left the Volkswagen and my Granny behind....... :(:(

Well the Year is 2012 there is still old Modders out there try 2 Teach a new Generation how 2 drive.......:):)

Just like her Mother on our 1st Date the Teen Terrorist shows up for the 1st Driving Lesson in High Heels a snack of Vic. Secret Lace on the Push up Bra and more Colors in her Hair than Mb and Fiat combined.......

That darn Purse of hers would not fit in the Trunk of the Fiat.....:(:(

Well i started her off easy..... Mini Bomb them high Heels will not gonna work with 3 Pedals and a 5 Speed Shifter...... Let me drive you 2 the Mall and find some compfy Driving Shoes........

Off we went and Holly Holmer she found them perfect Shoes 2 match her Hair Bra and Nail Polish them Hello Kitty Stickers ........ She even texted her Friends on the Iphone how stylish she looks taking her 1st Driving Lesson.....

There goes my Modding $$$$$ for the Fiat that Trip 2 the Mall cost me more than an High Flow Excaust imported with Over Night Shipping per Fed Ex from Italy ...... and she still has not worked the Alarm Buttons 2 get into a Fiat....... get her Seat into Place turn the Key and hit the Clutch....... but she can out run Schuhmacher on the Wee.......:(:(

Why Wee why Wee pardon why me why me.....:soap::soap:

Oh that 1st driving Lesson went fine after the Texting the Mall Visit more Texts from her Friends....... more Omg did you see Sarahs Hair????? Omg really no Way she puts Tissues in the Push up Bra......???!!!!

The 1st Lesson of teaching a Teen Girl how 2 drive went fine...... I drove her right 2 the Bus Stop gave her $ 20.00 Bucks told her check they Iphone 4 the next Bus Home... :):)

Went and bought my High Excaust Flow Muffler 4 the Fiat went Home and just when i was happy laying under the Car with my Hounds fetching me a Cold one with them short Paws ....... The Bomb came out and ask so how did it go???????:(:(:(

Well i can,t Sugar Code it !!!!!!!!

Honey it went just Fine just Fine her Hair was Awesome the Iphone worked well i gave her $ 20.00 Bucks dropped her off at the Bus Stop ......

She should be Home before Darn........ but just like you she got Problems with them 3 Pedals.........:hail::hail:

Remember when i was drunk and you burnt out the Clutch????

My Betty went back into the House i drove the Fiat into the Living Room at the Neighbors House 2 finish up the Job......:):)

Darn it why is there such a Generation Gap between Modders and them Hot Betty,s Teens....????

Next driving Lesson in my House gonna be match the Lace and Nail Polish 2 the Fiat black Extior Color.... keep the High Heels at Home.......:):)

By the Time i hit the Bucket she should be ready 2 sit in the back of the Limo asking the Driver........

I know how 2 Drive but why do you only have 2 Pedals on the Floor Board???????

And the Limo Driver gonna tell her if you hit the Pedal on the right you get 2 the Mall faster....... if you hit the other Pedal the Car stops really hard and your Brain will catch up with you.........

Do you understand now why i bought a Fiat............?????

I just want my Youth back just 4 a Moment ...... a Moment of Quiet in my Garage listing 2 Frank Zappa enjoying a Cold one singing along ....2 don,t you eat the Yellow Snow .......
with my Hounds in Back Seat of the Fiat.......

I only Blame myself 4 picking up a hot Betty in High Heels a Lace Bra and a Uhaul that Night with 2 Kids on a Trailer....... From the Get go i doomed myself..... :(:(:( I had an Idea ......

but honestly i had no Clue how quick my Youth would left me.......

2 morrow gonna be another Driving Lesson 3 Pedals 27 different Hair Colors lets just Hope that my Car Bomb told her what Driving Shoes are made 4....

I the Berliner so now understand why People over 50 drive around naked on Golf Carts in Sun City West in Arizona.......:rb:rb:rb:rb:rb:rb

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