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A recent thread noted the new mic for an upgraded head unit was useless with roof down, even though it was mounted in the original design position.

When I installed my bluetooth stereo, the only issue was what to do with the mic, as I wanted it out of the way, so I would never notice it and yet it had to be useful at highway speeds with the roof off.
Sunvisor was out, A-Pillar, No!, Header rail? no space, and too exposed, top of dash, no, too 'in-your-face'.........
A mic should be never seen.

The stereo came with a sun visor clip for this purpose and I found with a bit of adjustment it would sit over the centre mirror base and therefore be well away from the wind buffeting.

Looks wise, it is actually hidden because the windscreen blackout is right behind, and so it is black in a black background.
( you can see in the back of the picture, the DAB aerial is also hidden in the blackout dots LHS beside the mirror )

But still I got buffet noise in the mic.

Searching in Auto-accessory shops, iPOD shops, finally in JayCar Electrical shop (like Tandy but with more raw components) I found the solution.

For $1 I got six of these earphone pads that stretch over the mic. Like a Tea-Cosy for it.

It works very well at 60kph or below, roof down. OK if roof up at highway speeds, and works reasonably well with roof down at 100kph. beyond that is not so good.

Buffet 90% reduced,

For 17 cents.


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