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Morning temperatures hovering around minus seven degrees didn’t seem particularly conducive to convertible testing, especially for testing an exotic droptop sports car. But when some rare local seat time in a near-$200K 2018 Mercedes-AMG GT C Roadster becomes available for a few days, if it’s not snowing, then you’re not complaining.

While the base GT Roadster comes to the table with a serious 469 hp, the C designation bumps that up to a seismic 550 hp.

Sunshine lit up the sky as well as the raging fall colours of the trees, the temperatures warming up eventually to low double-digit territory. That’s still frosty enough to keep most convertible roofs firmly latched above their drivers, especially at the kind of wind speeds this turbocharged V8 can generate in a firm prod of the right pedal. But the Mercedes-AMG GT C lives in a strange duality where aggressive high performance and pampering luxuries co-exist in a seeming internecine battle for supremacy as the dominant personality trait of this range-topping Mercedes-AMG Roadster.

And the aggressive high-performance side is way, way out ahead.
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