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I promised to let you have a short report on our vacation on Tenerife with a rented SL500. It started bad, the booking was on the right days, but in the wrong month. I will not say whos falt it was, but the difference in how the use of differente date format can mess up things0:). So instead of a SL350 I had to settle with a brand new SL500. Typical:grin:.

The nature on Tenerife is just stunning - if you get away from the beaches. The roads vary a lot, from serpentines to regular Highways. We didn't go many miles on Highways...

One day was spent on going up the high situated (1.500 m) village of Vilaflor. The road to the village was beatuiful - the village not so. Next day we did los Gigantes (steep cliffs dropping into the sea) and Garachico, a city on the North Coast. We then went back over the village of Masca - truly amacing scenery! Last driving day was to a small village on the east side. The villages are all the same - it's the road going there that's the glory.

An SL500 is a nice car, but not the best for these narrow and some times not so good roads. An SLK would done the job much better>:D. But I must admit that the SL is a very competent car with great comfort. Adjustable suspension is great stuff. In this environment the paddels on the steering wheel where frequently used (to my own suprise). In total, we hade a great week with the island and the car:grin:


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