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The incident happened Sunday night in Sioux City, Iowa. One male and one female juvenile were involved in the carjacking – and were eventually arrested after a brief police chase, Fox affiliate SiouxLandNews reports.

The boy called Dominos Pizza to place an order and thus trick the driver into driving in the area. Then, he and the girl held him up at gunpoint and drove off in his car. They didn’t get too far, though.

“Authorities located the car on South Lakeport where a pursuit began, with the car driving on the wrong side of the road at one point,” the report notes. “It came to an end just outside Sergeant Bluff near Old Highway 75 where officers used a pit maneuver to stop the car.”

The PIT maneuver sees a police cruiser use its push bar to ram the fleeing vehicle at slow speed, thus forcing it off the road or making it spin out of control, before other cruisers box it in and its passengers are taken into custody. The maneuver is used to put an end to chases and thus minimize the risks of injuries or fatalities.

The report doesn’t say if the juveniles were hurt in the chase, nor does it reveal anything about their identity since they’re not of age yet. The Dominos driver wasn’t harmed.

“The two juveniles were taken in to custody and are facing multiple charges including 2nd degree robbery, theft in the 2nd degree, going armed with intent and theft in the 5th degree,” the publication writes.

That’s a whole lot of serious charges for one night of fun, out on the town.
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