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thought I will let you drull for a Moment.......:bannana::bannana:

and than it hit me our Flieger is waiting over Amsterdam looking for a place to land...

here you go Flieger :Beer::Beer::Beer:

and for the rest of the fine Forum Friends....... here is a little Reminder.... of the Bachlor Days....:tu::tu:

IMHO I miss them bachelor Days I had what I needed in Life 3 Pontons in the Garage I worked on a W110 on the front Lawn and my beloved W114 250 C got my party Butt to work to answer Phones as an Tech Support Rep. :bannana::bannana:

30 Year later I got screwed. My Betty just found my secret Piggy Bank in her Sweat Pans from the 80th,s cashed it in for a new Washer and Dryer and has the :soap::soap: t

to tell me Honey Berliner ........ you need to work on your Heckflosse.....

Bartender!!!!!! bring me another Martini !!!!!!! and if my Betty calls tell her......

you never seen me.... just like in the good old Days.......;);););)
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