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Mercedes-Benz Technical Acronyms

These acronyms are related to Mercedes-Benz vehicles.
You can see these acronyms while using SDS and some "lesser" automotive diagnostic tools like OBD scanners etc which are not a lot of good on MB Vehicles :D 😈

4MATIC – 4 Wheel Drive
AAC – Automatic Air Conditioning
A/C – Air Conditioning
AAM – All Activity Module
AB – Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag)
ABS – Anti-lock Brake System
ACSR – Automatic Child Seat Recognition
ADM – Automatic Dimming Inside Rearview Mirror
ADS – Automatic Damping System (Suspension)
AIR – Secondary Air Injection
AKR – Anti-Knock Regulation
AP – Accelerator Pedal
APS – Auto Pilot System
AS – Antenna System
ASD – Automatic Locking Differential
ASR – Acceleration Slip Regulation
AT – Automatic Transmission
ATA – Anti-theft Alarm System
BA – Backup Assist
BARO – Barometric Pressure
BCAPC – Barometric Pressure Charge Air Pressure Compensation
BDC – Bottom Dead Center
BM – Base Module (Master Ecu Controller)
BPC – Barometric Pressure Compensation
CA – Closing Assist
CAN – Controller Area Network
CC – Cruise Control (Tempomat)
CCM – Combination Control Module
CDC – CD Changer
CDI - Common (rail) Diesel Injection
CF – Convenience Feature
CFI – Continuous Fuel Injection
CKA – Crank Angle
CKP – Crankshaft Position
CL – Central Locking
CMP – Camshaft Position (sensor)
CNS – Communication and Navigation System
CST – Cabriolet Soft Top
CTEL – Cellular Telephone
CTP – Closed Throttle Position (Idle)
CTU – Central Triggering Unit
DAS – Driver Authorization System
DFI – Electronic Distributor-type Fuel Injection
DI – Distributor Ignition System
DM – (USA) Diagnostic Module (Emissions)
DTC – Diagnostic Trouble Code
EA – Electronic Accelerator
EAG – Electronic Automatic Transmission Control
EATC – Electronic Automatic Transmission Control
EBR – Engine Brake Regulation
ECL – Engine Coolant Level
ECT – Engine Coolant Temperature
EDC – Electronic Diesel Control
EDR – Electronic Diesel Regulation
EDS – Electronic Diesel System
EDW – Anti-theft Alarm System
EFP – Electronic Accelerator
EGR – Exhaust Gas Recirculation
EGS – Electronic Transmission Control
EI – Electronic Ignition (distributorless)
EIFI – Electronic In-line Fuel Injection
EIS - Electronic Ignition Switch
EL – Exterior Lighting
EMSC – Electric Mirror, Steering Column Adjustment, Heated Mirrors
EPC – Electronic Power Control
ERE – Electronic In-line Fuel System
ESA – Electric Seat Adjustment
ESC – Electric Steering Column Adjustment
ESCM – Engine System Control Module
ESM - Electronic Selector Module
ESP – Electronic Stability Program
ETC – Electronic Transmission Control
ETR – Emergency Tensioning Retractor
ETS – Electronic Traction System
EVAP – Evaporative Emission Control System (CAN Purge or Canister Purge system)
EVE – Electronic Distributor-type Fuel Injection
EZL – Distributor Ignition System
EZS - Electronic Ignition Switch
FAN – Fanfare Horns
FFS – Frame Floor System ............. As well as the more obvious Acronym 😈
FOM – Folding Outside Mirrors
FP – Fuel Pump
GIM – Governor Impulse Method
GM – Base Module (Master Ecu Controller)
HAU – Automatic Heater
HCS – Headlamp Cleaning System
HEAT – Automatic Heater
HFM – Hot Film MAF
HFS – Hands Free System
HHT – Hand Held Tester
HM – Heated Mirrors
HORN – Horn Signal System 😈
HS – Heated Seats
HVAC - Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning
IAT – Intake Air Temperature
IC (M) – Instrument Cluster (Module)
IDC – In Dash Controller
IFI – Electronic In-line Fuel System(diesel)
IFZ – Infrared Remote Central Locking
IL – Interior Lighting
IR – Infrared
IRCL – Infrared Remote Central Locking
IRM – Inside Rearview Mirror
ISC – Idle Speed Control
KE – Continuous Injection System (CIS)
KFB – Convenience Feature
KI – Instrument Cluster
KLA – Air Conditioning
KS – Knock Sensor
KSS – Knock Sensor System
LH – LH Sequential Fuel Management Bank 1 (1-6 or 1-8 Cylinders)
LH2 – LH Sequential Fuel Management Bank 2 (7-12 Cylinders)
LHS – Left Hand Steering
LLR – Cruise Control
LOC – Low Compression
LS – Loudspeaker System
MAF –Mass Air Flow (sensor)
MAP – Manifold Absolute Pressure (sensor)
ME – Motor Electronics
MIL – Malfunction Indicator Lamp – (Check Engine Light)
MSC – Mirror, Steering Column Adjustment, Heated Mirrors
MT – Manual Transmission
MVA – Manifold Vacuum Assist
MWH – Main Wiring Harness
NS – Network System (CAN)
O2S – Oxygen (O2) Sensor
OBD – On-board Diagnostics
OC – Oxidation Catalytic Converter
OCP – Over-head Control Panel
ORM – Outside Rearview Mirror
OSB – Orthopedic Seat Backrest
PL – Power Lock
PML – Speed-sensitive Power Steering
PMP – Partial Intake Manifold Pre Heater
PNP – Park/neutral Position
PS – Power Steering
PSE – Pneumatic System Equipment
PTS – Parktronic System
PW – Power Windows
PWM – Pulse Width Modulation
RB – Roll Bar Control
RCL – Remote Central Locking
RD – Radio
REST – Residual Engine Heat Utilization
RHR – Retractable Rear Head Restraints
RHS – Rear Heated Seats
RPM – Revolutions Per Minute (Engine Speed)
RST – Roadster Soft Top
RTG – Retractable Trunk Lid Grip
RTR – Remote Trunk Release
RV – Roadster Soft Top
RWD – Rear Window Defroster
SBE – Seat Belt Extender
SLO – Starter Lock-out
SMS – Service Microfiche System
SOR – Seat Occupied recognition
SPS – Speed-sensitive Steering
SR – Sliding/Pop-up Roof
SRS – Supplemental Restraint System (Airbag)
STH – Stationary Heater
TB – Throttle Body
TCU - Transmission Control Unit
TC – Turbo Charger
TCM – Transmission Control Module
TD – Speed Signal (Time Division) (EZL)
TDC – Top Dead Centre
TIC – Transistorised Ignition Control
TN – Speed Signal (EZL/AKR)
TPC – Tire Pressure Control
TRAP – Trap Oxidizer
TS – Towing Sensor
TVV – Tank Ventilation Valve
TWC – Three Way Catalytic Converter
ÜRB – Roll Bar Control
VAF – Volume Air Flow
VSS – Vehicle Speed Signal
VR- Vario Roof
WOT – Wide Open Throttle (Full Load)
WS – Wiper System

and finally ......... especially for @Squishband :p ........................

H(ope) T(his) H(elps) 😈

Cheers Dave
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