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Hello all Scandinavian members!

I'm organizing an SLK meet for members in Scandinavia. Of course other members are welcome as well, if you are in the neighborhood!

August 3rd. 2014

Tjolöholms Slott, Halland, Sweden.

Participation fee: 100:- SEK, 15$ US, 12 €, to be paid at the entrance.
Your entrance ticket will also be your lottery ticket.

To register, send following information in a PM to me!

Full name, User name, Telephone number, E-mail, Car model, Year, Colour.

Use "SLK Meet, Sweden" as a title, for easier administration.

See you att Tjoloholm Castle!!!!

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Hi Gork, good luck with your meet. I've 'stickied' the thread to give it better visibility and edited the thread title to include the date..
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