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The link between the new Jimny and a Mercedes G-Class existed from day 1. When Suzuki revealed its new generation of pint-sized 4x4, everybody said the boxy design looked a lot like a Gelandewagen. And given the popularity and affordability of the car, many tuners saw an opportunity to take things even further.

Liberty Walk, DAMD and Wald International are just a few Japanese tuners who transformed the little rascal. However, none of them came as close as Fast Car Service Centre from Dubai. Arab GT recently did a full 11-minute review, and while Google doesn't do a good job of translating for us, at least we get a good look at what they've done.

Many parts are so accurate that we feel they've come straight from Mercedes, like the new door mirrors and top-mounted indicators. Others must have taken a while to 3D model, like the AMG-like front fascia complete with Panamericana grille design, chunky intakes and LED halos around the headlights.

And around the back, the Jimny has sprouted a new spare wheel cover and square taillights that looks suspiciously familiar. Meanwhile, the wheels look like a tiny replica of the AMG Edition 1 two-tone style. The gallery includes alternative looks for the Jimny 63 AMG, including a murdered out one and the popular desert sand paint.

Of course, no G-Class would be complete without molding down the sides, side steps and a double exhaust that comes up next to the door. Why go this far? Maybe people in Dubai have an expensive sense of humor and just want to troll G63 owners. Or maybe it's a Mini-Me thing for villains.
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