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A woman from Brussels got the shock of her life when her boyfriend proposed and planned an in-flight wedding during a trip to the Greek island of Rhodes.

Alexander Serruys, a bus driver from Bruges in Belgium, entered a Valentine’s Day contest promoted by U.K.-based travel agency Thomas Cook. The original Facebook post asked followers, “If you could marry your girlfriend in the air, would you do it?”

Serruys immediately replied and was selected from 25 entries, according to the Daily Mail.

From there, a little pre-marital trickery ensued. After family members were was let in on the surprise, they pretended as if the bride-to-be, Marieke van De Wal, had won a girls trip with her sister. Of course, camera crews were documenting the whole thing.

For Ipad users:

Before the flight, the bride’s sister picked out a dress, the would-be groom bought a ring, and travel arrangements were made for 40 friends and family members to take the flight to Rhodes.

When asked if he was nervous about the plan, Serruys replied, “The moment the seatbelt sign goes off, then I’ll start sweating.”

During the flight, family members were seated at the back of the plane to keep the wedding a secret. Marieke and her sister boarded through a separate entrance.

Just after takeoff, Serruys appears at the front of the plane, drops to one knee, and proposes to a teary-eyed van De Wal. A proposal at 30,000 feet would be enough to shock any girlfriend, but the action continues as the full plan is revealed.

As the bride gets her makeup done in the flight attendant galley, crew members hung flowers from the overhead bins.

De Wal walks down the tiny aisle and is again brought to tears when she discovers that her family and friends were hidden in the back of the plane.

Her mother cries. Her sister cries. And it appears that a few strangers aboard are pretty emotional as well.

Looks like a lot can happen in just a short amount of time. The flight from Brussels to Rhodes is only 3 1/2 hours.
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