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Having purchased her early in February, we took Sunhilde on her first trip away from home this past weekend. We drove from Portland to Bend to visit friends and family. The trip was a joy until Sunday, when we drove home in near-constant rain. But Friday was glorious, and the views of Mt. Hood from US 26 are far, far better without a roof. I've been driving (or been driven) around that mountain for over 50 years, but this was the first trip in a convertible. The mountain in spring is stunning.

Likewise the high desert plateau. This time of year the desert blooms, and is far greener than it is in summer. The pictures show Sunhilde atop the cones...cinder cones, that is. Lava Butte south of town and Pilot Butte in the center of Bend both allow cars to drive to the top, though parking is naturally limited. Both are part of the Newberry Volcano, a vast (and still active) shield volcano that dominates the area. Over 400 cinder cones dot the flanks of the volcano. In the photos, Sunhilde is seen atop both.

Most impressively, the 3.0 liter gas engine delivered 33mpg over nearly 500 miles, and there's a quarter of a tank left!


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