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Sorry guys: Reposted in the Ask DanSLK forum as this one seems to be more for procedures that have already been done! Sorry about that

Hi all,

Yesterday I took advantage of the beautiful New England weather to do a round-trip top-down passenger drop-off at JFK (the Merritt Parkway in the summer is one of my favorite routes). On the way down on this roughly 250-mile trip I noticed a little more free play than usual on the clutch and thought nothing of it, but by the time I returned home a full 4/5 of my clutch travel has become free play and only the last bit near the floor has any resistance. This is on a 2003 SLK230.

When I checked underneath the dash and above the pedal (a tight fit!) I was dismayed to not see a wire assembly with adjusting nuts - but rather just a spring and cylinder. Does anyone know if adjusting the clutch freeplay is a DIY job - if so, anyone have any directions? Would appreciate any help. Thanks very much!
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