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the new A 45 Amg. :).... I kinda like the new Cla but the Hatch does not do anything for .... Hate to say it i love rthe Seats in the Hatch.....


and a little Video

for our English speaking Friends......:tu::tu:

so since i am old ......:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: and don,t fall into the dynamic Target Group from Mb any longer is guess i gonna call the Mb Classic Center tomorrow and see if they got a Sale on Rotor Caps for a W107..... Driver.....:(:(

Dynamic and individual vehicle for new target group
Spanning the age range from 30 to mid-40, the target group is younger than the AMG clientele to date. In successful careers and with an independent frame of mind, these customers seek a dynamic and individual vehicle.They wish to lend expression to their style- and trend-oriented way of life with a car from a recognised high-performance brand. The A 45 AMG provides the predominantly urban target group with an agile high-performance vehicle. Mercedes-AMG accommodates their tech-savvy and individual outlook on life with an extremely broad selection of optional equipment and appointments, colours and materials.

I shure hope the Classic Center gives a Discount for AARP Members.....:Beer::Beer::Beer:
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