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If the cars battery is losing amps that will cause obvious starting problems I had mine on charge for 12hrs a slow charge and hey presto car starts first time it cut out autochoke started again left the throttle alone check roof operation all good rocked the steering left to right to reset the esp/bas reset windows checked the battery for charging then the link between battery and alternator battery to starter solidoid even the brake light switch door switches Interior lights alls well there so now my attention has turned too the back of the ignition switch as there's something that use a power source brought a new so I'll be waiting on that to arrive and get to that as it feels a bit lame a d it's a part that gets overlooked.. More to follow.... 馃槑Slk98

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Hum! Interesting discussion.
When I got this car, the key fobs were worn out and would not stay together so I ordered new cases off eBay and changed them.
There is no reference in my US Operator Manual to an immobilizer and the Japanese manual has the same pictures but whether there is a mobilizer I have no clue.
That said I wondered what this loose piece in the fob was and since I had no clue as to what it was I just left it out.
Car starts and runs fine.
Is it possible since it seems to be suspect to remove it from the fob and see if the car will run normally? Just a WAG on my part.

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Post re-assembly I have a 'possibly' new issue! still not starting but not giving me '3 tries' anymore either... and the milometer is flashing 'start error'.. it's possible it was flashing that before and i just didn't notice..

"Start Error" flashing up is definitely immobiliser, called "Drive Authorisation" in MB language ;)

You absolutely must get this on SDS, (not other machines), as I am sure you know ;)
If it turns out to be Engine ME ECU and your Car has ME 2.8 ECU I can clone it for you by post if that helps ;)

Look at Drive Auth in the RF DAS Module and the ME ECU in "Actual Values" (live data), and that will tell you where the fault lies.

BTW the Key batteries will not cause Non Start, you can take them out and it will still start, as long as you don't lose the little immo Chip inside the Key which can fall out and get eaten by the Dog, Cat, Hoover etc ;)

HTH ;)
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