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My Porsche buddy suggested we head up to St Sauveur (just north of Montreal; small ski town) for an overnight and get some Steak and Frites (steak and fries - we'd introduced the concept to them in Paris).,+QC+J0R/@45.8941704,-74.1476949,14z/data=!4m2!3m1!1s0x4ccf3ae588b096ed:0xcdebf6adb8c48f00

As it would happen the CA I flew with the week before lives in the area and gave us some good suggestions for local fare and roads.

We headed east out of Ottawa along old Hwy 17 to Hawkesbury. They have a massive Labour Day weekend car show - fills downtown. Mostly old North American iron - strong red neck/banjo theme... Virtually no German/Euro representation - some "tuners"...

From there we headed into Quebec, going east on the 148 through La Chute (Harleys and leather...:frown:) to 349 northbound. Nice road, scenery, and very little pokey traffic. Porsche buddy recently donated a couple of hundred $$ and 3 points ot Wynntario, so we had to keep the speed dialed back, but we saw zero police along the way. 349 takes you into Morin Heights (very small) and then east again on 364 into St Sauveur.

This was our first visit to St Sauveur... very positive impression. Lots of pubs and restaurants and hotels - mostly targeting the skiing set over the winter but seem to be thriving on fellow escapists. Locals are friendly and are happy to serve in both official languages (np - if an anglo tries to speak french, please respond in french, we may be trying to improve!). Drinks at a place called Moes, well stocked SAQ (aka booze store), and then dinner at Steak and Frites (truth in advertising - and the food was very good. It is also BYOB and NO corking fee!).

We stayed at Hotel St Sauveur - reasonable rate, king bed, small kitchenette for 125$cdn. (that's 50 to y'all...). The only short fall was a youngish arrival clerk who did everything lock step... and the ersatz A/C (one of those portable blow through the wall things...just roared. Granted the rooms are intended for winter ops...).

Next morning we ate at Brulerie des Monts (BDM - the staff didn't know what BDM meant on the menu.. duh) which is right next to the local/large church. This is also Rue Principale (Main street) and there had to be close to a dozen alternatives - but their menu was massive (and available en anglais), good food, reasonable prices, great coffee and chai (whatever the hell that is...). There is also considerable shopping along the street...for the gals at least.

We left SS and headed back towards Morin Heights on Rue d'Eglise (church street, which is betweent said church and BDM). Nice road, but the speed limit is very low (50kph); short jaunt on 364 and then onto northwards on 329 through St Agathe des Monts then west to Mont Tremblant on the Trans Canada (aka 117).
Great roads...terrific scenery.

I'll leave you with that cliff hanger...

Sightings wise - 2 x 171s - oddly both black. Several SLs... One BMW i8.. One SL Pagoda. One 170 close to home...

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I was around Morin Heights on Sunday and Monday! Went to Hotel Le Chantecler to enjoy the beautiful lake view there. If it was a black SLK55 with Ontario plates and the top up... That's ME! My lady doesn't like the heat :(
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