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Srs code 9223 resistance too large

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Ok, srs light came on (while in for subframe inspection 🙄)
my indy diagnosed a squib steering airbag, so he fitted a new one today . Srs light still on now saying 9223 drivers side airbag ignition squib resistance too large
i took back of seat off to inspect the connection on drivers seat but it looks ok?
any ideas

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a front air bag, knee air bag, side-impact head/ thorax air bag
Adaptive dual-stage front air bags
and the protection of six air bags — including head/thorax side-impact air bags and dual knee air bags.
The SLK’s integrated restraint system includes adaptive front air bags with dual-stage inflation, head/thorax side-impact air bags, and knee air bags for the driver and passenger.
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts