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Srs code 9223 resistance too large

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Ok, srs light came on (while in for subframe inspection 馃檮)
my indy diagnosed a squib steering airbag, so he fitted a new one today . Srs light still on now saying 9223 drivers side airbag ignition squib resistance too large
i took back of seat off to inspect the connection on drivers seat but it looks ok?
any ideas

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How did you make the jump from "Driver-side Airbag Ignition Squib" to "R12/9 fault"? I can't confirm that you are chasing the right airbag here.

The usual suspect for these is the connector block under the seat - if a water bottle, jacket, etc, gets shoved underneath, and then the seat moved, it can cause physical problems at the connector. It usually results in an "open circuit" which does translate nicely to "resistance too large".
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Not sure which thread that is but - you're the admin, up to you.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts