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One of the reasons why people stopped buying convertibles is that panoramic sunroofs have gotten a lot better. They used to be small and ugly, but now they can cover the whole roof. Mercedes are particularly good at letting the sun come in and the next generation of the C-Class Coupe is no exception.

Our latest spy photos show a prototype equipped with the AMG Sport body kit and an optional roof that's out of this world. The opening could be compared to the previous version of the 911 Targa, the 997 model.

This C205 model will likely be one of the biggest debuts at the Frankfurt Motor Show this September. It's a competitor for the BMW 4 Series, but not in a direct way. While the Bavarians have focused on making the car sportier, Mercedes has squeezed as much opulence as it could into a compact executive coupe.

Based on the sedan version of the car and the new GLC crossover SUV model, we can tell you the interior will be the leader in its class. Of course, that was also the with the outgoing C205, where engineers spent thousands of hours to ensure a uniform feel.

We expect "bigger yet lighter" to be one of the headlines for this two-door model. Using the latest Modular Rear Architecture, engineers will shave weight from every piece of metal. A longer wheelbase will ensure that the ride is superior.

We don't expect this silver bullet to be as much of a hooligan's car as the old C63 AMG Black Series was. However, a new AMG model is on its way and will be powered by the latest twin-turbo small V8.

The prototype in our photos isn't one of those. It's likely one of the four-cylinder models, powered by the latest turbo-4 engines. The key will be to offer both a boost in power and a reduction in fuel consumption.

Spyshots: All-New Mercedes C-Class Coupe Shows Huge Panoramic Roof
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