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Ah, small city cars with boosted engines and sportified exterior appearance, this 'love it or hate it' affair of the automotive world. Some say they're useless, some actually buy them, and smart keeps on producing them.

After the smart fortwo Brabus was spied a couple of times last year until it kind of made a debut this year at the Geneva Motor Show, our carparazzi had the privilege of catching a smart forfour test mule wandering around with almost zero camouflage.

We said almost because there's a discrete black foil covering the rear and front bumpers. Also, the spokes on the prototype's rims seem to be almost masked by some sort of protective layer. We'll have to give to you, the car is not looking as hot as the red smart fortwo Brabus spy photographers caught last year, but that can be fixed with a nicer color choice.

The particular prototype spotted by our team of carparazzi wears thicker exhausts and sits on a lower and harder suspension. However, what will live under the hood remains undisclosed, but we expect a tuned version of a Renault engine.

It could be the 0.9-liter 3-cylinder turbo producing around 115 horsepower or a bigger 1.2-liter four-cylinder that should be able to make about 130 horsepower, but we incline to favor the first option because it looks more viable and realistic.

The four-door pocket rocket could use a manual stick for managing all the resources mentioned above. Also, we expect to meet and greet the smart forfour in Frankfurt, although there has been no official announcement made yet.

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