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I went to start up my '99 SLK230 the other day after sitting all winter (and then some)...

The battery was dead.

* New "gell" battery installed

Apparently the outside temp sensor had "fallen in".

* Reseat temp sensor

I bought the cradle replacement cable and the universal PSE to convert the V60 to bluetooth

The dealership told me they wanted 1.5 hours labor *minimum* to install. I asked them what was so complicated, "...panel removal, set up..."

hMMM... last night I took a stab at it myself. The cable took about 3 seconds and the "puck" lit up. But, without the PSE, no go...

Popped the panel in the trunk (removing and replacing the plastic screws was most of the work). There was the old cell phone system and behind it, strapped in the old PSE. Carefully pulled it out, disconnected it and reconnected the new PSE. Turned on the radio. BLUETOOTH!

Putting humpty dumpty back together was more difficult. It was dark and I only had a crappy flashlight. But, everything went back together just fine (darn the plastic screws!) and with a total of 20 minutes and NO experience, it was "plug and play" with a little extra work to align the PSE back in its spot (thick wire harness) and pop the panels in... What bothers me about this is why couldn't the dealer just charge me for 1/2 labor? hMMM... (OK, I saved some $ and that's always good)

Lastly, driving... the rubber on my wiper blades peeled right off! New blades are needed and I *should* be good to go...

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