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Capturing the racing heritage of an automobile maker and embedding it into a motorcycle is probably one of the toughest tasks for a designer. It doesn't matter whether the bike has to become are real, functional vehicle, or a simple sketch, rendering or clay scale model. It's about finding the very spirit of the respective racing outfit, and learning how to master it.

In the end, the lucky creator will have learnt so much about what makes those race cars so unique and special, that he or she can finally take a shot and start to bring the concept from the deepest corner of the mind to paper. And because the essence is the one that matters most, we believe that Spirito is the best name Mehmet Doruk Erdem could ever find for this Alfa Romeo-themed motorcycle concept.

Is that a BMW boxer in there?

It would be interesting to find out why has Erdem chosen what appears to be a new-generation, liquid-cooled BMW engine. It may be because he really likes this power plant or BMW, or because the cylinder heads protruding through the bodywork look great.

Questions about the functionality or practicality of the bike are rather useless. They are as justified as their counterparts regarding a Tron bike... meaning that they are not justified at all.

The Alfa Romeo Spirito mimics the long hood of race cars of yore, even though the turning radius would be a problem if someone would think about building it. Straight line stability, however, would be much better and just right for some Bonneville or drag action.

We're torn apart between the insane and the cool factors and it's hard to decide which one prevails. Until we figure this out, we'd go for insanely cool.
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