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The luckiest man in the world happens to live in Goiania, Brazil. His name is Cleyton Gomes da Silva and he is 39 years old, having been involved in and survived 5 car accidents in the past 2 years.

The sixth occurred at the beginning of the month but surveillance footage of it has only been released by local authorities this week. You can also see it at the bottom of the page: it’s so shocking and raw that it makes da Silva’s survival the miracle the Daily Mail claims to be.

On the evening in question, da Silva was sitting at a table with friends, at what looks like the usual sidewalk pub. He was drinking beer and chatting, when a car came barreling towards them. As the car enters the frame in the upper corner, you can see sparks flying from what we soon find out to be a tire-less axle.

The tire comes in the frame right after, just after da Silva looks towards the source of commotion. However, because everything is happening so fast, he has no time to react – and neither do his friends. The tire hits the unsuspected man and catapults him right out of the frame: everything happens so fast that you could blink and miss it, but there is no denying the force of the impact.

Still, da Silva survived. “He was breathing and conscious,” one of his friends told the media afterwards, as cited by the Mail.

The same friend reportedly ran after the now 3-tire car, whose driver didn’t even stop to check on the damage he’d caused. The Mail says police are yet to say what type of charges he’s looking at or what caused this freak accident.

“The victim was rushed to the Accident and Emergency Centre where doctors reported he had suffered non-life threatening head injuries and a bruised liver,” the Mail says. “The victim underwent a series of tests and examinations and was released a few days after the accident.”

And here’s the strangest part of the story: in the past 2 years, da Silva has been involved in 5 separate car accidents, the Mail says. When the loose tire hit him, he’s actually in crutches, recovering from a leg injury from an accident last month.

Talk about good luck. Or bad luck, depending how you look at it.
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