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I've just bought a SLK 230 Kompressor, year 2000 model, tidy condition. It has 18" 'OZ' wheel on it and she pulls to the left or right every time I get into a lorry rut. Tracking has been checked, mechanic said that it's because the wheels are not standard.
Do the wheels have a different tracking setting, has anyone else had a similar problem?

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Not standard? Welcome to the forum. I would suggest you get a datacard and see what the factory specs for your wheels should be.

Not standard doesn't tell you anything-people here have been fitting larger wheels/tires on everything here and they have had success without the left and right pull. How long have you owned the car?

Pulling left and right generally means there is an alignment issue. How long have those tires been on there? Are they directional? have they been rotated? Seems the "tire" guy could have helped you a little bit more.

I would take it into a shop for an alignment first but before you spend any money on anything-check the type of tires you have.
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