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OK. I lost a tire. It went flat.

I threw the spare on and limped the car home on the space saver spare.

I ordered up some new skins and put the car on blocks to get the tires(both rears) replaced.

Question is - with ten miles on it at low speeds, can I deflate the spare and reuse it?

It's an '08 R171.

Any assistance / info would be appreciated.

Maybe I should start with the manual......:)

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Hhmmm... I don't totally understand what your question is...
The spare tire is a multiuse thing provided you didn't get a nail in it or drove on it for like thousands of miles, or didn't do donuts on it and burnt it to the core lmao! :) You simply deflate it and put it back in a trunk ;-)

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Yes, start with your manual

page 392

If you wish to store the spare wheel after
use, carry out the following steps. Otherwise
the spare wheel will not fit the storage
Unscrew the valve cap from the valve
of the collapsible tire.
Take the valve extractor from the vehicle
tool kit ( page 389).
Unscrew the valve insert from the valve
and allow the air to escape.
Screw the valve insert back into the
Screw the valve cap back on the valve.
Pull the protective wrap provided with
the vehicle tool kit over the spare
Store the spare wheel and the valve
extractor in the storage compartment
underneath the trunk floor.
Pierce the protective wrap with retaining
screw 3.
Secure the spare wheel by turning
retaining screw 3 clockwise.
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